One good deed a day

ImageThis morning I received an airmail package from fellow blogger, mymornincoffee, who had sent me a necklace, two cards and a book called ‘one good deed a day’. The book contains 365 examples of little things you can do to brighten someones day, including donating money to charity, teaching a child five news words and adopting a dog or cat. I have already started by donating a bag load of books to the charity shop today. Hopefully this will be something positive to brighten my days with. I shall post updates on completed tasks and the daily reaction of such things. 


Clear thinking at 1am

Just a quick post today as its currently 1am here in England. 

I go to college three days a week and am onto studying my full diploma, however, I failed to have taken any notice of the ever-growing mountain of loose paper stuffed into my notepad, which was inside an A4 file -like Russian dolls. Upon inspection lay a few undiscovered assignments, approx 5 all together, enough to make my jaw drop!

I organised the loose paper into piles, stapled them into groups and headed to the college stationary shop. Fourty five minutes later, £3 down and I had separated subsidiary diploma work from full diploma work, modules, assignments, notes-the lot. As soon as I got home my mind was focused on the task in hand and I have just finished illustrating the life cycle of a snake, as my laptop froze on my third computer attempt. Dedication.

My point is, its now the early hours of the morning, Im bang smack in the middle of the college week focused and willing to give a bit of extra time and effort into the course im studying. 

Some people claim a clean bedroom helps them focus their mind, rather than the two being full of clutter, for me, this was my big spring clean. 

The plan

Hello readers,

following my recent revamp of my blog I have also changed the theme -it will change again soon once I’ve found something ‘perfect’ -bear with me. 

My plan of action at present is to change my lifestyle and my mindset. Top of the list is:

  • Detox 

They say ‘food fuels your body’, ‘food is soulful’ and ‘you are what you eat’. Long-story-short, I eat junk, constantly, so is it any wonder I feel lethargic on a daily basis? Today is day one of my detox, it is not a diet, it is a change of eating habits. Set meals, set times, moderation and healthy food. 

Foods to avoid:

  • Animal fats (pork/red meat)
  • Dairy products
  • Chocolate and commercialized sweets
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods (curry/chili)
  • Caffeine
  • Oranges and strawberries

These foods are all either congesting foods or stimulating foods, which lead to poor skin colouration, build up waste in the liver (drug residues) and overall they overload the skin with waste that’s not properly eliminating. Detoxing from inside combats all of this, improves digestion, increases nutrient intake, moisturizes skin and drinking lemon water (which i am as of now) helps stimulate liver function and hydration.

Its 13:58 here in England and so far today this has been my food consumption:


Multigrain toast with peanut butter (Fiber, natural fats, protein, energy)

Lemon water (Hydration, cleansing)

Scrambled eggs, beetroot, cherry tomatoes and lettuce. (Protein, nutrients, hydration, fiber)

Dried apricots (nutrients).

Normally my diet would consist of diet coke, probably a few packets of crisps, chocolate, toast and a ready meal. This is a huge improvement for me and its the start of a new way of life. The benefits take about 12 weeks to have steadily kicked in and from there on they continue improving your body condition so long as you stick to the plan. 

I may make a new page on this eventually, we shall see how long it lasts.


So, over one hundred posts have just been deleted from my blog. Self-inflicted. These posts have collectively taken months to compose and all the honesty i can conjure up, however, it has came to my attention that I neglect my blog because I dont take my own advice.

Why preach and turn out to be a hypocrite? My point is this; I have came to the realization that my life has had its highs and lows and despite overcoming some huge hurdles, I am still not quite where i want to be.  As I am writing this I am researching self-help -for inspiration, jotting down ideas, thoughts and plans of action, I have just finished a cup of tea and St.Trinian’s is on in the background. Thank you all for being extremely patient with me, new post coming soon!